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For my thesis film, Sludge, my goal was to create a film that was lighthearted and comedic. I consider myself to have a sarcastic sense of humor and wanted my final film to reflect that side of me. When thinking of film ideas, I wanted to twist something considered as macabre or morose and make it into a comedic storyline. I incorporated a simplistic shape and color aesthetic, with many warm tones of red, orange, and yellow. I like the geometric and simple shape designs of films such as Secret Life of Pets and wanted to resemble those designs with my set modeling.

Modeling and texturing were one of my most enjoyable aspects of making my film and helped me become more skilled at using Substance software. For my rigs, I liked customizing their looks and redesigning them to fit each character. Attaching the horn and hat proved to be difficult at times, however these experiences helped improve my rigging skills and modifying character rigs. I love motion graphic design and wanted to incorporate it into my senior film. Creating the video game design in Illustrator and After Effects was one of my favorite parts in making my film. I used 8-bit gaming style and references to help create the slightly pixelated look of the block stacking game. I also received helpful feedback with the game design by switching to blocks instead of something more ‘direct’ like burgers since it is already so comprised into the theme of my film.

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