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Buggin' Out

My second semester-long film, Buggin' Out, was recently completed in early December 2018. For this project, my main goal was to improve the timing and editing of my shots so that the animation was more fluid and had a better pace than my previous film. I enjoyed challenging myself by using Redshift, a render engine I previously had no experience with, to create the finalized shots. I initially experienced roadblocks in regards to understanding the render interface and specs of Redshift compared to my previous experience using Arnold and basic Maya renders such as Hardware 2.0. Because Redshift is a relatively new GPU system, it was difficult at times to find troubleshooting techniques and strategies to optimize render times. 

Throughout the fall semester, I believe that I had strong production organization and time management, which allowed me more opportunity towards the last two weeks of production to experiment with my credit sequence and music editing. Although this class was by far the most stressful and time-consuming, I enjoyed the critique and feedback from my classmates as well as the chance to reflect on the experience of my first film. 

Click here to access my production blog that documents my weekly progress throughout the creation of my film. 

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