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Disney Imagineering:

Imaginations Design Competition

The Imaginations Design Competition, hosted by Disney Imagineering, invites college students to explore challenging concepts and creativity that Imagineers are tasked with on a daily basis. The prompt gave teams a list of fourteen "wonders of the world" and challenged participants to create an adventurous storytelling experience for guests exploring the destination. The ancient history and culture of each site required teams to be mindful of its local ordinances and consider the environmental impact of teams' proposals as well.

Final PowerPoint presentation showcasing our proposal. Due to presentation format, video renders on slide 3 can be viewed below. 

As the team leader and project manager, I completed the majority of the geographical and technical research for the design proposal. I was also tasked with: the design layout, writing, logo vectors, video editing, and 3D modeling of our lanyard mockup. 

One of the greatest challenges regarding the layout for our presentation was balancing the amount of informative text and visual designs. Because our PowerPoint presentation is all that is showcased in our final submission, our large-scale ideas and concepts all had to fit within the 16x9 size range. I placed caption text bodies alongside our visuals to help explain our rationale as well as provide more information about their specific use in our park design. 


Augmented and virtual reality-based solutions for this competition were prohibited. This added an extra challenge to our story concept and design because we had to use physical buildings and infrastructure while preserving the landscape.

Our train transportation method and building designs are all environmentally conscious in terms of sustainability as well as noise and light pollution, an aspect that many do not consider. Our mockup UX interface designs and lanyards allow guests to track their story progress and ensure safety while at the Grand Canyon.

Graphic Design Vectors and Background

Lanyard 3D Model

Train and Building Concept Designs

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