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Motion Graphics Demo Reel

One of the largest projects I was tasked with while working at Johnson Space Center was creating and animating a set of five GIFs.  I worked alongside an illustrator who digitally drew the character and object assets. I then animated motion graphics and added special effects using Adobe After Effects. Each GIF focuses on a particular aspect of the Orion mission. It features five new technologies that are incorporated into Orion such as: heat shield, propulsion, communication systems, radiation, and life support systems. 


These GIFs were originally created to go alongside a featured article on NASA's homepage as well as Orion's Tumblr and Facebook. Due to high administrative praise, these GIFs were also featured on Lockheed Martin and currently have over 53,000 views on @explorenasa.

Heat Shield

The first GIF created for this task featured Orion's heat shield components. This animation is only three seconds long, however the biggest challenge for this animation was making sure that the rotation of the Earth was smooth and seamless so that it flowed evenly during repeated playback.

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